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          About us
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          Wenzhou Kedi Bearing Co., Ltd. is mainly used in the industries of reducer, rolling mill, round loom, drawing machine, flower knitting machine, textile machine, fitness equipment, toy, chemical, metallurgy machine, mining machinery, engineering machinery and so on. We provide the supporting units of the bearing industry: model inquiry system, bearing information, technical service, spot resources, bearing special price information and so on. Among them, the type query system includes size, new and old bearing code, inner diameter, outer diameter, thickness and other bearing parameters.

            The main import brands of our company are: Swedish SKF bearing, German FAG bearing, German INA bearing, Japanese NSK bearing, Japanese NTN bearing, Japanese IKO bearing, Japanese KOYO bearing, etc., domestic brands: Beijing HTHN bearing Harbin HRB bearing Luoyang LYC bearing Wafangdian City ZWZ bearing, ZWZ bearing universal QC bearing northwest bearing Dalian metallurgy bearing DYZV bearings, such as gold bearing, all of our products are supplied by the regular channels. The price is reasonable, the quality is reasonable, the specifications are complete, the inner diameter from 1 mm to the inner diameter of 500 millimeters is 500 millimeters of precision, use and performance of high quality bearings, and the delivery time is fast.

          Our company adheres to the concept of "quality is the future, service is credibility, innovation is the driving force, cooperation is wealth". Our company's products are of excellent quality and moderate price, creating a first-class brand of Wenzhou bearing sales. With good reputation and excellent quality, we have set up a complete set of perfect sales system to provide high quality and reliable service for all customers. We have been well received by the customers.

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          地址:No. 83-87 Shuguang North Road, Aojiang Town, Pingyang County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province 電話:0577-63160066 備案號: 浙ICP備17039322號-1
          友情連接:PLC-RSC,MRS 24VDC,超薄繼電器,PLC-RSC-24DC/21
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