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          Rolling mill bearing
          Rolling mill bearing
          Rolling mill bearings are bearings used for rolling necks and rollers on metallurgy, mining and other rolling mill stands. Cylindrical roller bearings are usually used to bear radial loads, deep groove ball bearings or angular contact ball bearings, or radial design or thrust design of tapered roller bearings are subjected to axial load. Most of them are lubricated by oil air lubrication or oil mist lubrication.
          (1) the roller bearing
          The configuration of the early mill bearings on the rolling mill is different from that at present. At that time, two sets of self-aligning roller bearings were mainly installed on the same roll neck. This configuration basically meets the production conditions at that time, and the rolling speed can reach 600rpm. But with the increase of speed, its shortcomings are more and more prominent: bearing life is short, consumption is large, finished product precision is low, neck wear is serious, roller axial movement is large.
          (2) four columns of cylindrical roller bearing and thrust bearing
          The inner diameter of cylindrical roller bearing is closely matched with the roll neck and bears the radial force. It has the advantages of large load capacity, high limit speed, high precision, separation and interchangeability of inner and outer rings, easy processing, low production cost and convenient installation and disassembly. The thrust bearing bears the axial force, and the concrete structure type can be based on the characteristics of the rolling mill. Choose.
          Heavy load, low speed, thrust roller bearing and small axial clearance are used to bear thrust load. When the rolling speed of rolling bearings is high, angular contact ball bearings are not only limited in high speed, but also can be strictly controlled when working. The roller is closely guided by axial direction and can bear general axial load. This type of bearing configuration not only has long bearing life, high reliability, but also has many advantages such as high precision and easy control of rolling products. So it is used most widely at present, and is mostly used in wire rolling mill, plate mill, foil rolling mill, cold rolling mill and hot rolling mill.
          (3) four row tapered roller bearings
          Tapered roller bearings can bear both radial force and axial force, and do not need to configure thrust bearings. Therefore, the main engine is more compact. The inner diameter of the tapered roller bearing and the neck of the roller are loosely matched. It is very convenient to install and disassemble, but sometimes it can cause the sliding creep due to the matching of the pine, so the inner diameter is often processed with a spiral oil groove. This type of configuration is still widely used at present, such as rolls of work rolls, billet mills and steel beam mills for four roll hot rolling mills and cold rolling mills.

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