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          Mobile Internet further enlarging the size of the bearing industry
          Date:2017/9/11 9:50:00 Number of clicks:2023Sources of news:
          earing is the key development of China's strategic basic industry. After more than 60 years of development, China's bearing industry has already possessed strong technical strength and greater production capacity. During the "11th Five-Year", China's bearing industry maintained a steady and rapid development trend, the average annual increase of 18.20% of the main business income, the average annual increase of 20.11% of bearing products, and the rapid development of the bearing industry, which laid a solid foundation for the building of a strong bearing power.
          In the situation of good national policy and the expansion of market demand, while the economic scale of the bearing industry is increasing, the integration of the bearing industry and the new economy is further strengthened. After the bearing industry has entered the Internet e-commerce market, the newly rising mobile Internet has become a new field for the bearing industry. Ding Wenyuan, an observer for China bearing information network, believes that the mobile Internet will further expand the scale of the bearing industry.

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