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          SKF hybrid bearings specially designed for wind turbines
          Date:2017/9/11 9:53:00 Number of clicks:3333Sources of news:
          SKF XL hybrid bearings are specially designed and specially designed for wind turbine generators to provide advanced performance against current insulation. Their use can substantially eliminate premature failure of bearings caused by current corrosion, which can maximize the lubrication and improve long-term performance (even under lower lubrication).
          These bearings benefit from the unique design of deep groove ball bearings which integrate the rolling elements of bearing steel and silicon nitride (ceramic). They are lighter, harder and less dense, and are more durable than all other steel bearings and conform to the standard bearing boundary dimensions.
          The resulting benefits, including higher reliability, growth sustainability, lower life cycle costs and total operating costs, reduced maintenance demand, and no need for redesign to be upgraded to existing wind turbine design seals.
          Bearings of all sizes can be supplied to meet the needs of the industry, and customized solutions can be developed to meet the needs of special applications.

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