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          Thrust roller bearing
          Thrust roller bearing
          Thrust roller bearings are used for axial and radial combined loads which are mainly subjected to axial loads, but the radial load must not exceed 55% of the axial load. Compared with other thrust roller bearings, the bearing has lower friction factor, higher rotational speed and alignment performance.
          The 29000 type bearing sticks are asymmetrical spherical roller, which can reduce the relative sliding of the roller and raceway in the work, and the roller is long, the diameter is large, the number of roller is large, the load capacity is high, oil lubrication is usually used, and a few low speed conditions can be lubricated with fat. In the design and selection, it should be selected first, 80000 type thrust cylindrical roller bearing, 90000 type thrust cone roller bearing and AXK type thrust needle roller bearing, with large rigidity and small axial space. Thrust cylindrical roller bearings and thrust roller bearings are suitable for low speed applications. Thrust tapered roller bearings are slightly faster than thrust cylindrical roller bearings. The thrust cylindrical roller bearing is a separate type bearing, which can only bear the unidirectional axial load and slight impact, and can limit the axial displacement of the axis (or shell) in one direction, so it can be used as a one-way axial orientation. But its bearing capacity is far greater than that of the thrust ball bearing. When the roller is rolling, the roller is unavoidably slipping on the ring raceway due to the difference of the speed between the two ends of the roller. Therefore, the ultimate speed of this kind of bearing is lower than that of the thrust ball bearing, which is usually only suitable for low speed operation.
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