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          Angular Contact Ball Bearings
          Angular Contact Ball Bearings
          Angular contact ball bearings:
          It can bear both radial and axial loads at the same time. It can work at a high speed. The greater the contact angle, the higher the axial bearing capacity. High precision and high speed bearings usually take 15 degree contact angles. Under the action of the axial force, the contact angle will increase. Single row angular contact ball bearings can only bear axial load in one direction, which will cause additional axial force when bearing radial load. It can only restrict the axial displacement of the shaft or shell in one direction. The contact angle of angular contact ball bearing is 40 degrees, so it can bear great axial load. Angular contact ball bearings are non separable designs, with different shoulders on both sides of the inner and outer rings. In order to improve the load capacity of the bearing, the shoulder of one side will be machined lower, so that more steel balls can be loaded into the bearing. If twin pairs are installed, the outer ring of a pair of bearings is opposite, that is, the wide end faces the wide ends, and the narrow ends face the narrow ends. This avoids the additional axial force and can cause the shaft or shell to be confined in the axial clearance range in two directions. Because the inner and outer raceway can have relative displacement on the horizontal axis, the radial load and the axial load can be borne simultaneously - the joint load (the single angle contact ball bearing can only bear the single direction axial load, so it is usually used in pairs).


          Precision grade
          The accuracy grade of angular contact ball bearing includes dimension tolerance and rotation accuracy. The accuracy from low to high is expressed as P0 (normal), P6 (P6X), P5, P4 and P2. In addition, European and American brands also use P3, P7 and P9 to express accuracy level. P3 is equivalent to P6 level of ISO and JIS standard, P7 is equivalent to P4 level, P9 is equivalent to P2 level.
          Installation skills
          High speed precision angular contact ball bearings are mainly used in high speed rotating occasions with light load, which require high precision, high speed, low temperature and low vibration and a certain service life. The supporting parts of high speed motorized spindle are often installed in pairs, which are the key parts of the high-speed spindle of the internal surface grinder.
          Main technical indicators:
          1. bearing accuracy index: exceeding GB/307.1-94 P4 level accuracy
          2. high speed performance index: dmN value 1.3~1.8x 106 /min
          3. service life (average): >1500 H

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