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          Plastic bearing
          Plastic bearing
          Plastic bearing
          Plastic bearing can be divided into plastic rolling bearing and plastic sliding bearing at present, and the working principle of plastic rolling bearing and plastic sliding bearing can be distinguished by name. The friction of plastic rolling bearing is rolling friction, and the sliding friction of plastic bearing is sliding friction. The magnitude of the rolling friction depends mainly on the manufacturing accuracy, while the friction force of the plastic sliding bearing mainly depends on the material of the sliding surface of the bearing.
          Material organization of plastic sliding bearing
          CSB-EPB series plastic sliding bearing
          The general working face of plastic sliding bearing has the function of self lubrication, and the plastic sliding bearing is usually made of engineering plastics with better performance. The professional manufacturers generally have self lubricating modification technology of engineering plastics, and the self-lubricating and enhanced modification of the engineering plastics through fiber, special lubricants, glass beads and so on. To achieve a certain performance, and then the modified plastic into a self lubricated plastic bearing by injection molding, at present the polymer plastic sliding bearings are widely used as CSB-EPB series of plastic sliding bearings.
          CSB-EPB the most versatile plastic sliding bearing
          CSB-EPB14A plastic sliding bearing with high speed in line with FDA
          CSB-EPB series of plastic sliding bearings have the following characteristics:
          1. Plastic bearings are all lubricated materials with long service life.
          2. No rust phenomenon and corrosion resistance will occur in the use of plastic bearings. Metal bearings are easy to rust and can not be used in chemical fluids.
          3, the quality of plastic bearing is lighter than metal, which is more suitable for modern lightweight design trend.
          4, the manufacturing cost of plastic bearing is lower than that of metal; plastic bearings are made of injection molding and are more suitable for mass production.
          5, the plastic bearing has no noise in operation and has a certain vibration absorption function.
          6. Plastic sliding bearings are suitable for high and low temperature -200 ~ +250 degrees.

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